Pharma Reminder cards Printing

Pharma Reminder cards are right way to promote your brand through doctors. Good Designed Reminder cards present your brand in market in the right way  It goes without saying that doctors have to meet a number of medical representatives regular. In this conditions how you differentiate & your brand.

Doctor Request card Printing
Doctor Request card Printing

Request Card

A leave behind card that is left to doctors once your sales person leave their clinics, proves a helpful tool for you to make them remember your brand and products. It may seem to be a small thing, but practically it makes a big difference. Pharma Prints can assist you with creatively designed leave behind cards that keep your brand ahead of the crowd.

Reminder Card printing
Reminder Card

Reminder card 1 Reminder card 2 Reminder card 3 Reminder card 4Design Print Solutions is specialize in Pharma Reminder Card Printing company in Delhi.

Pharma Reminder Cards
Pharma Reminder Cards Designing & Printing Services

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Logo Design Company Delhi

Logo designer
Logo designer

Design Print Solutions are the most consistent and reliable Logo Designs company Delhi. Our designs so unique-they come second to none!

If you are looking for an Good creative logo design services, we provide you affordable and Better quality logo design solutions to business enterprises in Delhi. We have educated professional Graphic designers that combine technical skill and a great deal of experience to provide Creative Design logos that capture the unreliable character and vision of your Business. We deliver best customer service and remarkable designs at Small prices. Look through our logo design portfolio to see what we’ve been creating.

logo designer in Delhi
logo designer in Delhi
logo designer in Delhi
logo designer in Delhi

Pharma Journals Designing

pharmaceutical journal
pharmaceutical journal
Reminder Card
Doctor Reminder Card

Reminder card

Pharmaceutical Journal by Design Print Solutions are especially designed for the company who don’t have time enough to read the heavy literature offered by your medical representatives. They are being pasted on Medical stores, Clinic Area in Hospitals and all other relevant places.

Design Print Solutions are teamed with professional and creativity driven artist. Our Pharmaceutical Journal design service is backed by a unique and creative process of concept, design and printing.

We ensure you that Design Print Solutions can communicate your brand idea and product value to doctors with a right impact through our designing and printing services.

We Designed, Write less & Speak more.



How can Prints Pharmaceutical Visual Aids

How can Prints Pharmaceutical Visual Aids

We (Design Print Solutions) are the best choice for Pharma Visual Aid Manufacturing services in India. Our effective and attractive Pharma Visual Aid is very effective for pharmaceutical sales representatives to retain Doctor’s attention in a productive content about the drug, which are very profitable in making your marketing layout. Moreover, Pharma Visual Aid an important aid that contains attractive as well as significant elements in it, i.e. photos, slogans, and brand names and logos.

How to Design and Print a Pharmaceutical Visual Aids

How to design pharmaceutical Visual Aids with CorelDraw in this lesson. You will be able to study how to design front and back of the pharmaceutical Visual Aids, how to insert text and photos, and all the other key techniques needed by learner pharmaceutical Visual Aids designers.

Pharmaceutical Visual Aids Printing

Before getting in progress with designing the pharmaceutical Visual Aids in CorelDraw, you should have an idea in your mind about your particular pharmaceutical Visual Aids. You can use a pen and paper to plan and draw an original draft of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids.

Step 1: Making Worksheet

First of all you essential to open a new file in the CorelDraw. Then choose a paper size for your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. Regularly letter or A4 size is used. Suppose that you chose A4 size for your pharmaceutical Visual Aids.

Visual Aids Designer in India
Step 2: Generating front side

After creating the worksheet let’s change on to designing the front side of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. Look at the left tool bar and select the “Rectangle Tool”. Make a box of size 10×20 cm with the rectangle tool. Then flip and copy the shape of box on the following fold of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. To do this press “Ctrl+Left+Right mouse” and drag it to the right.

Step 3: Adding fundamentals on the front side

The next step in designing the pharmaceutical Visual Aids is to add features to your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. Use the “Rectangle Tool” to insert boxes and select areas for editing. Go to the “Shape Tool” to add shapes in the schedule. Shape tool will help you to insert lines and curves.
You can make triangle shapes using the “Bezier Tool” in the left toolbar. Point and click to create the shape. Make sure the last click is linked with the first; otherwise you will not be able to put color in it.

Pharmaceutical Visual Aids Printing Services

Step 4: Addition Colors

Ones you have drawn the compulsory shapes and elements in your worksheet, go to the left toolbar and click on “Fountain Fill” tool. Choose the suitable colors of your choice for filling your drawings. CorelDraw offers you a difference of colors to choose from.

Use appropriate colors for the paper, background, and the text. The colors should appeal the attention of pharmaceutical Visual Aids and create his/her attention to read the content.

Step 5: Addition Effects

You can add some effects to the fundamentals of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids if you want to. For sample you can make certain elements of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids transparent. For this choice the element, fill it with white color, and then click on the “Interactive Transparency Tool” at the left toolbar. You will see that the cursor modifications into glass. Drag the cursor on the elements to make them transparent.

Step 6: Making back side of the pharmaceutical Visual Aids

Use the stages and techniques clarified above to design the back side of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids.


Step 7: Addition text

After adding shapes and effects to your pharmaceutical Visual Aids, you essential to add the text. Use appropriate font, size, and colors for your text with the assistance of Toolbar. Though other things are important but text is the most important element of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. You should deliver high quality text in your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. The pharmaceutical Visual Aids should find the content exclusive, useful and informative.
If you find it too difficult to design pharmaceutical Visual Aids for yourself, you can hire services of professional Design Print Solutions designers such as Pharmaceutical Visual Aids Designers India. Professional pharmaceutical Visual Aids designers can provide you excellent pharmaceutical Visual Aids design.

CD Printing

Design Print Solutions has helped entertainment industries, software companies, record labels, colleges, NGO’s, ad agencies, small businesses groups, and most important corporations & Government sectors meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

cd printing services in delhi
cd printing services in delhi

Our Direct-to-print on CD technology makes us best than other CD or DVD printer companies. Design Print Solutions well versed in customized sample improvement and in the exact packaging and printing requirements of the software and entertainment industries.

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CD Lable CD

CD Label Printing

Our CD duplication and DVD replication is handled by experience professional. We are specialized in Direct print on CD, Screen printing on CD or DVD, CD Printing, DVD Printing CD writing, DVD, writing, CD replication, DVD replication CD Cover Printing DVD cover Printing, CD Stickers printing, DVD Stickers printing.

Perfect CD Printing, DVD Printing CD replication, DVD replication service and special guidance as well as instance on high quality are the hallmarks of Design Print Solutions.

DVD Label Printing

Design Print Solutions was founded in 2012. The company main services are: CD duplication, DVD replication, CD duplication and DVD replication. This includes the optical disc formats of CD video, CD-ROM, better CD, DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM, and DVD-video. We are also specialist in speedy turn CD-R duplication, on condition that the best turn times potential on short runs.

CD Folder Design & Print