How can Prints Pharmaceutical Visual Aids

How can Prints Pharmaceutical Visual Aids

We (Design Print Solutions) are the best choice for Pharma Visual Aid Manufacturing services in India. Our effective and attractive Pharma Visual Aid is very effective for pharmaceutical sales representatives to retain Doctor’s attention in a productive content about the drug, which are very profitable in making your marketing layout. Moreover, Pharma Visual Aid an important aid that contains attractive as well as significant elements in it, i.e. photos, slogans, and brand names and logos.

How to Design and Print a Pharmaceutical Visual Aids

How to design pharmaceutical Visual Aids with CorelDraw in this lesson. You will be able to study how to design front and back of the pharmaceutical Visual Aids, how to insert text and photos, and all the other key techniques needed by learner pharmaceutical Visual Aids designers.

Pharmaceutical Visual Aids Printing

Before getting in progress with designing the pharmaceutical Visual Aids in CorelDraw, you should have an idea in your mind about your particular pharmaceutical Visual Aids. You can use a pen and paper to plan and draw an original draft of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids.

Step 1: Making Worksheet

First of all you essential to open a new file in the CorelDraw. Then choose a paper size for your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. Regularly letter or A4 size is used. Suppose that you chose A4 size for your pharmaceutical Visual Aids.

Visual Aids Designer in India
Step 2: Generating front side

After creating the worksheet let’s change on to designing the front side of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. Look at the left tool bar and select the “Rectangle Tool”. Make a box of size 10×20 cm with the rectangle tool. Then flip and copy the shape of box on the following fold of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. To do this press “Ctrl+Left+Right mouse” and drag it to the right.

Step 3: Adding fundamentals on the front side

The next step in designing the pharmaceutical Visual Aids is to add features to your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. Use the “Rectangle Tool” to insert boxes and select areas for editing. Go to the “Shape Tool” to add shapes in the schedule. Shape tool will help you to insert lines and curves.
You can make triangle shapes using the “Bezier Tool” in the left toolbar. Point and click to create the shape. Make sure the last click is linked with the first; otherwise you will not be able to put color in it.

Pharmaceutical Visual Aids Printing Services

Step 4: Addition Colors

Ones you have drawn the compulsory shapes and elements in your worksheet, go to the left toolbar and click on “Fountain Fill” tool. Choose the suitable colors of your choice for filling your drawings. CorelDraw offers you a difference of colors to choose from.

Use appropriate colors for the paper, background, and the text. The colors should appeal the attention of pharmaceutical Visual Aids and create his/her attention to read the content.

Step 5: Addition Effects

You can add some effects to the fundamentals of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids if you want to. For sample you can make certain elements of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids transparent. For this choice the element, fill it with white color, and then click on the “Interactive Transparency Tool” at the left toolbar. You will see that the cursor modifications into glass. Drag the cursor on the elements to make them transparent.

Step 6: Making back side of the pharmaceutical Visual Aids

Use the stages and techniques clarified above to design the back side of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids.


Step 7: Addition text

After adding shapes and effects to your pharmaceutical Visual Aids, you essential to add the text. Use appropriate font, size, and colors for your text with the assistance of Toolbar. Though other things are important but text is the most important element of your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. You should deliver high quality text in your pharmaceutical Visual Aids. The pharmaceutical Visual Aids should find the content exclusive, useful and informative.
If you find it too difficult to design pharmaceutical Visual Aids for yourself, you can hire services of professional Design Print Solutions designers such as Pharmaceutical Visual Aids Designers India. Professional pharmaceutical Visual Aids designers can provide you excellent pharmaceutical Visual Aids design.

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Pharma Visual Aids Printing

Design Print Solutions offers Pharmaceutical publicity Materials solution for increase your pharmaceutical brands. first of all you need Pharmaceutical Visual Aids to let you promote your brands through a proper channel.

Visual Aids Printing

Single Side Printed Pharma Visual Aids

Single Side Printed visual aids is an beautiful visual Aids with an choice of Portrait or Landscape. Printed on 300gsm of Art Card with a choice of Gloss Lamination or Matt Laminated on Single Side to maintain it long lasting and maintain its quality. Full color printed visual aids with Wiro bounding.

Visual aids Montelukast Sodium 10 mg & Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride  5 mg
Montelukast Sodium 10 mg & Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride 5 mg

Double Side Printed Pharma Visual Aids
Your company need a inspired visual aids design that enhance for your products – Double Side Printed visual aids with Table Stand is an inspiring visual Aids with an option of Portrait printing & Landscape printing and binding. Visual aids Printed on 300gsm of Art Card with a alternative of Gloss Lamination or Matt Laminated on Double Side to maintain it long lasting and maintain its quality. Full color printed

Visual Aids Designing

visual aids with Wiro bounding.

Without Staples Pharma Visual Aids

Our artistic visual aids designer will make sure that your visual aids looks like a remarkable for doctors. Without Staples Visual Aids close size will be A4 and Open Size will be A3. This Visual Aids will build all the efforts to sell your Pharmaceutical brand. Printed on 600gsm of Art Card with back to back pasted & choice of Gloss Lamination or Matt Laminated on both Side to keep it lifelong and maintain its quality.

Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 120mg  Montelukast Sodium 10mg
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 120mg
Montelukast Sodium 10mg

With Staples Visual Aids

Design Print Solutions designer will make sure that your Pharmaceutical visual aids looks like a impressive for everyone. With Staples Visual Aids close size will be A4 and Open Size will be A3. This Visual Aids will make all the impressive hard work to sell your Pharmaceutical brand. Printed on 300gsm of Art Card with back to back printing & choice of Gloss Lamination or Matt Laminated on both Sides to keep it long lasting and maintain Visual Aids quality.

Amoxycillin 500 mg  Clavulanic Acid 125 mg
Amoxycillin 500 mg
Clavulanic Acid 125 mg

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Pharma Visaul Aids Printing Services in India
Pharma Visaul Aids Printing Services

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visiting card design in coreldraw

What you will Learn:
• How to set up a page
• How to create a professional-look business card
• How to add guidelines on a page
• How to design business card
• How to print business card
Setting up your page
Business Cards Design in CorelDraw

Although there is no universal standard size for Business Cards, each country has its own norms. In North America, it is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. In Europe, it is 85 mm by 55 mm. This tutorial will use the European Standard. After launching CorelDRAW, we’re going to need to set page size; to set up the page size, you can either:

1. Use the Interactive Property bar.

User-added image

2. Or, you can go to the page setup window by double-clicking on the shadow of the page.

Make sure you have the units set to millimeters; enter 85 as width and 55 as height.

User-added image

Creating a professional-look business card

When creating a business card, keep these rules in mind:

1. Cleaner is better;

a. Maintain white space; clutter can hide important details.

b. Have a 3.5-millimeter area around the perimeter of the card.

c. Do not use a border or frame. This will make the card look unprofessional if it is not cut precisely after printing.

2. Look for repeating elements throughout the card. You can repeat colors, shapes, typefaces, or textures on your card.

3. Make sure text and images are aligned. Left, Right, or Center aligned are all acceptable, as long as you are consistent.

4. Use a single typeface family and type size.

5. Use some color to draw the viewer’s attention. But not too much, which will make the card look cluttered.

Adding guidelines

Guidelines will help ensure that you leave an even space around the perimeter. The easiest way to do this is to draw an object that you can use when placing guidelines. Let’s create a border of 3.2 mm:

1. Click on the Rectangle tool and draw a square that is 3.2 by 3.2 millimeters.

2. Position the square at the top-left corner of the page.

User-added image

3. Then drag out a top and left guideline.

User-added image

4. Move the square to the bottom right of the page.

5. Drag out a right guideline and a bottom guideline.

User-added image

6. Now delete the square object.

Designing your business card

1. We’ll going to start by importing a graphic image; to do this:

a. Select the File menu > Import. Then browse to the location where your image is stored.

User-added image

b. Click on the mouse button to place image.

2. Add the text to the business card:

a. Using Artistic text tool, click at the top of the card, and type in the company name: ”Grasshopper”.

User-added image

b. Change the font typeface to Stencil font.
c. Type “Lawn Care” and set its typeface to Staccato 222: .
d. Resize and position where you want the image to be located.
e. Finally, type in the slogan and contact information:

i. We give You Mow Free Time
ii. Josh Panoch 123Main St. Greely, ON K1G 2L4 613-555-1212

3. Now to align the text. The contact information should be right justified, and aligned with the lawn care text.

a. Select the contact information text, hold Shift and select the lawn care text.
b. Tap the letter R to align the texts to the right.
c. Select the contact information, hold
d. Tap B to align the bottom of the texts., and select the slogan.

User-added image

4. Resize and position the grasshopper image to your preference.

5. Finally, color the word “Grasshopper” using the same Pantone green in the grasshopper image.

a. Select the Color Eyedropper tool.
b. Click on a green area in the grasshopper image.
c. Click on the text. This will color the text with green.

You may notice that the left edge of the image falls off the card. This is called a “bleed.” It occurs when there is a text or graphic element that goes right to the edge of the printed piece. When creating a bleed, it is preferable to make sure that the element is over the edge by at least 3.2 mm or 1/8 of an inch.

User-added image

The business card is complete, next is to print multiple copies.

Printing your business card

Many new users at this point will duplicate the design, say ten times, and then lay them out on a page, we will demonstrate how to do this in the Print facility.

1. We are going to use the Imposition tool. Imposition is the process of arranging pages correctly prior to the printing so that they fold in the correct order. This document is only a single page, but we can use the imposition tool to lay out multiple copies on a single output.

a. Go to File menu > Print.

User-added image

b. If you are prompted to set paper orientation then answer No.
c. Click the Print Preview button.
d. In the toolbox, select the Imposition Tool.

User-added image

e. In the Interactive property bar, set the number of copies horizontally and vertically

2. Because we have some bleed in the Business card design we need to create some space between the cards so that you can properly cut them out of the printed sheet.

a. Click on the pair of scissors.
b. In the Interactive property bar, type the value of 5 mm.

User-added image

c. Click on the Pick tool to see the final layout.

3. Add crop marks to act as a guide when cutting the card:

a. Go to Settings > Prepress.

User-added image

b. Select crop/fold marks and click OK.

4. Print the page.

User-added image

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the other tutorials that are available in the Discovery Center. If you have any ideas for tutorials or projects that you would like to see in the future, please leave us some Feedback.

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