Glass Films Printing

Design Print Solutions brings to you a range of decorative glass films for interior application.

Available at a fraction of cost of etched or patterned glass panels these films can be used in various public & private buildings & offices, airports, stations, restaurants, stores, hospitals, theaters, residential, museums, art decoration & furniture. They can be used to enhance the aesthetics of the room as well as provide a sense of privacy to the users.

Glass Film Printing
Glass Film Printing services

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Work your Brochure design skills and creativity with the flexibility of  decorative glass films to create a multitude of possibilities.

Keeping in mind your privacy as well as design requirements, we have developed a wide range of products as per below categories:

Glass Film Printing
Glass Film Printing

Overlap colours to create different tints. Combine patterns to create a distinctive look. Merge textures and frost for an elegant appearance. Select a finish to diffuse light, or even block it entirely. Design Print Solutions provide for various design objectives and continuously act to develop more options keeping in mind the changing needs and preferences of the customer.