Magnetic Name Badges Printing

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Magnetic Name Badges printDesign Print Solutions offer Name badges with a choice of pin, clip or magnetic badge fittings superior flexibility which allow you to choose the most suitable attachment method for your Product. Design Print Solutions prints name badges with good high resolution machinery, finished with a hard-wearing, scratch-proof polyurethane coating that makes the badge and your brand terrific make them different.

Design Print Solutions Provides supreName-Badges-Pinableme quality Pinable roundName Badges that are widely used in both small large companies to recognize the employees. In some cases, customized name badges are also printed with the company logo with employee name & designation.

our entire stock of badges is manufactured from high quality of Metal or PVC Plastic materials. further type of materials such as aluminum or steel can also be used on particular requirements of our clients.

Standard size for magnetic metal badges:

Cheap-Name-Badges-Printing75mm x 24mm with round corners, we can also modify these employee name badges as per our client’s preference.

Design Print Solutions professional used latest printing techniques in our division for designing these name badges.

All type of Name badges are available in 4 color printing or gold, silver, white, platinum & copper colored plates with satin and bright finishes.

Standard size for round pinable badges:

1 Inches or 2.25 Inches